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Using the Advice Services that make up Advice Plymouth

All the Advice Services that make up the Advice Plymouth service offer FREE, INDEPENDENT AND CONFIDENTIAL Advice.


What is Advice Plymouth?

Advice Plymouth works with you to sort out legal and practical problems. This may involve a range of different services including the assessment of your problem, general advice, casework and representation at court or tribunal. Citizens Advice Plymouth is a part of Advice Plymouth so you can access the advice you would expect from Plymouth Citizens Advice through our drop-in or telephone service.

As charities, Citizens Advice Plymouth and Improving Lives Plymouth do their best to offer you the support you need, but sometimes resources are limited. Priority will always be given to those in greatest need.


What help can I get?


What’s the Problem? Your problem may be straightforward, or it may involve two or more connected problems. It’s not always easy to work out where to start. Advice Plymouth will start with an assessment to work out the problems before advice is provided.

General Advice

The service listens to your problems, checks your rights and responsibilities, and gives you information about your options. Some practical help may be included. In many cases this is all the help you need to resolve the problem.


Having assessed your problem and provided you with general advice, you may be offered a Casework service. This means the Advice Service (with your permission) agrees to act on your behalf (e.g. by making phone calls or writing letters) and works with you over time to resolve the problem.


Advice Plymouth may offer you formal representation at a court hearing or tribunal.

Based on a Concept by Advice Sheffield.
Created by ESP Projects Ltd.

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